Evernote for Organization


My life is crazy. Between juggling meetings for work, assignments due in my two classes, and extra curricular programming, I forget things often if I do not write them down. When I began browsing through the different types of apps I wanted to review for this course, I knew that I wanted to choose one that would allow me to work smarter, not harder.

Asana was a little bit too formal and complicated for what I needed it for and focused too much on team projects rather than individual organization. Producteev looked a bit too daunting. Evernote looked like it would be simple and a perfect fit for what I needed it for. What I initially found out was useful for me was the ability to talk into Evernote to record notes about things that I had to remember but didn’t want to take the time to type out on my phone.

The ability to set reminders was also another asset of this app. Like an alarm clock, Evernote allows you to set a time and date and reminder for events, assignments, etc. that you may have coming up. The video below is a perfect example of how this app was extremely useful in reaching the goal of keeping me organized:

I am a list maker for everything that I do. I feel extremely accomplished when something has been crossed off of my list. I often think that there is nothing more satisfying than completing a list of tasks that I needed to. The problem with written lists is that if you leave them somewhere, your productivity decreases significantly. One of the best features of using Evernote is my ability to make checklists on my phone or on my computer and have them sync to one another. This way, forgetting something is nearly impossible.

Although making lists is quite easy using the app, it wasn’t until I watched this video that I even knew that checklists were an option:


Taking a look at the Security, Terms and Conditions, and Privacy associated with this app, I was really astounded at just how much thought had to go in to creating these guidelines for an app that I, personally, would never have been worried about sharing my personal information. The fact that “Evernote offers two-step verification (“2SV”), also known as two-factor or multi-factor authentication, for all accounts” actually made me chuckle when I thought of why someone would want to hack into my to-do lists, reminders, and general boring notes (Evernote Security Overview). Nonetheless, I found this attribute very responsible of the company to consider as I am sure other individuals out there are using this app in more intense ways than I currently am.

Other interesting things that I found out about Evernote during my perusal of the Security Features was that data is stored until you yourself delete it, activity is logged and uploaded to the cloud, and that “all Evernote Data resides in the United States” (Evernote Security Overview).

With the basic version of this app, users are able to do exactly what I intended to do with it- stay organized on a basic level. However, this application also comes in  “Plus” and “Premium” versions. For $47/year, the Plus version of Evernote allows users additional tools in order to stay organized. Differences between the versions can be found below:


evernote differences

Photo Credit: https://www.cnet.com/how-to/is-evernote-premium-worth-it/

At this point, for what I am using this app for, basic is enough. However, I can see myself paying for something like a premium version in the future if I were to be involved live chat options or more presentations than I currently am as it would be extremely easy to have all of my data and information organized in one place.

Is anyone else using this app for organization?



2 thoughts on “Evernote for Organization

  1. Brittany, I am right there with you when talking about having to many things going on that you often forget. This Evernote that you speak of sounds like a fantastic app, it is something that I might need to look into. I have always been the type to write in my note pad on my phone, but I have found that it does not help unless I remember to look at the notes…which I often do. I look forward to hearing more about your app!


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