Documenting My Journey With Technology

This semester has been a whirlwind of learning, as you will soon learn about in my Summary of Learning for the course. I started my final project as early as I could in the course after coming up with my idea, and weeks later, I am left with a much better understanding of the four apps Remind, Evernote, TouchCast, and Snapchat.

Here’s what the journey looked like.


  1. First, I decided that one of the main things I wanted to focus on was increasing communication as part of my final project. in my first [successful] blog post about the project, I outline exactly what I want to get out of the project and the steps I will need to take to get me there.
  2. The first app that I review in detail is TouchCast. After compiling journal entries for almost 6 weeks in the project, I finally blog about my findings in my second blog post, “My Tech Journey-TouchCast”. 
  3. Next, I reflect back on my voice notes, my written notes, and my video diaries regarding Evernote and compile all of these into an analysis of the app in “Evernote for Organization”. 
  4. A comprehensive review of Remind and my clear admiration of the app can be found in my post, “Remind Me to Tell You My Biggest Regret with Remind”. Spoiler alert here, though, it’s that I didn’t start using it sooner!
  5. Next, I reviewed and anaylzed Snapchat, and basically admitted that I am addicted to it, but still find some of the features a bit odd.
  6. I then finally joined the Bitmoji world as part of my review and documented my findings here. 
  7. Part of my responsibilities in this assignment surrounded taking some significant time to study and reflect on the Terms and Conditions of each app. In this comprehensive blog post, I detail my findings about 4 aspects of each of the 4 apps’ Terms and Conditions.
  8. Then, a miracle happened, and I was finally successful in getting TouchCast to work after I had pretty much given up on the app all together. Although I was extremely successful in using the app for my Summary of Learning, this blog post outlines my initial success with TouchCast.
  9. Finally, I decided to create an infographic using Venngage to summarize my learning and detailed it here, in the final post devoted solely to my final project.


Overall, this project was a huge success and I am happy to have had the opportunity to walk away with an increased knowledge and experience using apps that will continue to benefit me and increase my efficiency and communication as an administrator.




2 thoughts on “Documenting My Journey With Technology

  1. Awesome!!! Way to go Brittany! Like you, I’m pretty happy with how much I have learned through everything that I explored with my major project. I look forward to chatting with you in the future to see which of these apps were ones that you intended to and continue to use in the education world! I love how your project unravelled and how you presented it here! Very easy access to everything you did! Thanks for sharing!


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