Technology Project

This is the page that I will be using to record my journey through several apps that may be useful to me as an administrator.

As previously mentioned, I have chosen to review four apps that may help make my life easier as an administrator. I have one contendor chosen, and am planning on polling my classmates in order to request assistance in order to find out about successful apps they have used as teachers or administrators.
The app that I have chosen to review thus far is Touchcast.

  1. Touchcast- I am hoping to explore this for some interactive staff meeting/relaying of messages as many of our staff meeting minutes/hours are spent relaying information, when more time could be spent collaborating.

The project:

As Alec listed in the project requirements, I will administer an “in depth investigation” of the apps in order to fully understand them, to answer the required questions for the course, and most importantly, to decide if these apps can help my administration practice within our school.

I look forward to documenting my journey here!